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ANTI-CORPOS "Forma pratica de luta" 7"EP

BEYOND PINK - new album "Against the universe" LP

sobota, 27 lipca 2013 09:14
photo by Corey Kittrell

    Emancypunx release

#029 REPLICA "Demo"  7"EP

The appearance of REPLICA shook the local HC scene in the Bay Area. The band consists of previous members of such acts as INFECT, SCHOLASTIC DETH, NO STATIK, MURDER SUICIDE PACT, XJUD JUDX, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY or  DUCK AND COVER. Their debut demo was received with great enthusiasm and sold out in a blink of an eye. The same story goes for the limited 7" flexi ep rerelease of the demo  on Radical Punks Never Die Records. Both are impossible to find. It would be such a loss if this killer demo never had a chance for wider release and accessibility so here it is! The re-release of the demo on vinyl with an additionacoverreplicademol unreleased song: a cover of  the legendary all-girl band from Brazil, AS MERCENARIAS. This is 6-song EP of fast, pissed off, female-fronted, raging HC?all happening in less than 7 minutes.  After this release, their new 7" was released on Prank Records.


Rebel Grrrl Convention in Mühlheim (DE)
poniedziałek, 02 września 2013 11:30

 Vernetzung, Workshops, Mucke machen...

WomenLesbianTrans*Intersex in political music 

20. ? 22. September im Az Mülheim, Germoney

MRR Review of Landverraad
piątek, 17 maja 2013 17:27
Five super facking angry tracks of dual interweaved woman vocals travelling through hardcore, blastbeat-laden killer thrash brutality. This is mostly fast with some good tempo changes, stop/start moments and melodic weird cool atonal shit. This is good. Songs in Dutch, English and Russian blowing apart racist "immigration controls", nationalism, binary gender roles, the run to progress withouth thought of environmental consequence and a song about one of their moms. You wanna know more? Well, they have song descriptions to bring you up to speed. Very cool record, let's play together.

(Mariam Bastani, "Maximum RocknRoll" #360, USA)


sobota, 27 lipca 2013 09:37

NADA QUEDA/IT'S NOW  split 30zł / 8,00 EUR / $11
(True Spirit)  This is a split between Nada Queda from Argentina and It's Now from Mexico, on Brazilian label True Spirit Records. Both bands are political and vegan straight edge. The three songs of Nada Queda have more of a female fronted screamo-metal style, while It's Now mix classic Latinamerican hardcore and youthcrew hardcore. The It's Now songs have also been released on 7? on Commitment Records.
MINDSET "Now, more than ever" 25zł / 7,00 EUR / $9
(Refuse)   Honest, and intense straight edge hardcore with the message of self-empowerment, social awareness, and fearless action in a world plagued by apathy and compromise. Nothing to lose. Nothing to hide. Clenched fists. Open minds. "Now, more than ever" CD contains 20 songs previously released on vinyls on React! Records - "Leave no doubt" 12", "Time & Pressure" 7" and "Realpower" 7". Released in digipack w/ 12-page booklet.


40zł / 10,00 EUR / $14
(Arttic Flowers)  Arctic Flowers? Reveries LP (Inimical Records) was easily one of the finest punk records of 2011. With a new EP, Procession, coming up in advance of an East Coast tour in August, things are going good for Arctic Flowers. The Portland quartet play a type of gothy peace punk that, unlike some bands in this genre, is not afraid to go at faster tempos. ?Our sound is a mix of punk, deathrock, post punk, and goth,? guitarist Stan Wright explains. ?Aggressive but at times danceable and melodic.? Arctic Flowers? powerful combination of these elements makes them one of the most exciting bands around today.
CONTORTURE "Who's in charge" 35zł / 9,00 EUR / $12
(Not Enough)   A four piece political d-beat all-women unit out of Gothenburg, that delivers their debut vinyl release as a 12" with full force and brutal anger. With their roots in the DIY movement and years involved in different creative parts such as Vicious Irene and Agrimonia they now took yet another step of creating this great record full of inspiration and frustration!
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS "Divisions" 40zł / 10,00 EUR / $14
(Critical Convictions)  Pissed off and political female fronted HC/Punk from Canada. 14 tracks LP.
HANNA HIRSCH "Ga hem over himlen" 35zł / 9,00 EUR / $12

(Adagio 830)   Hanna Hirsch delivers 6 new songs that follow up the great debut LP tala svart on RTB & Adagio830. The continue with 6 tunes of powerful pop with Swedish lyrics sung by Siri. Another masterpiece of beautiful power pop made in Sweden. Mastered again by John Golden (Sonic Youth, Superchunk etc) and the lacquer got cut at the famous Abbey Road studios
MARGY PEPPER "Golden webs" 40zł / 10,00 EUR / $14
(Margy Pepper)  Long-running Olympia all-girl garage punk band Margy Pepper is a powerhouse. Unstoppable. And Golden Webs is their masterpiece. Songs that are hard-hitting while still being infectiously catchy, inspirational without being soft. And they worked for this album- it's self-released, has hand screen-printed album covers, and comes with a Margy Pepper poster and sticker inside!
NAMENLOS "Armut macht den mensch zum tier" 10"    35zł / 9,00 EUR / $12
(Hoehnie)   Damit diverse Aufnahmen der alten DDR-Punkband NAMENLOS nicht in der Versenkung verloren gehen, hat Höhnie sie auf eine 10" gepresst. Zum Glück, denn unter den 11 Songs sind ein paar richtig gute Sachen. Der rotzige, weibliche Gesang gefällt mir richtig gut. Gerade in Liedern wie "Upperclass", beim VIRUS X-Cover "Normen", dem langen und extrem guten Song "Träcker" oder bei "Wisst ihr nicht was ich will?", einem NAMENLOS Song von 1983. Der Gesang ist meistens weiblich, aber in manchen Liedern übernimmt auch der männliche teil der Band das Mikro. Gut gefällt mir auch der Song "Lass nicht zu, dass deine Träume sterben", eine Coverversion von Danny BB 65. NAMENLOS schaffen es gut ihre Songs und Texte ausdrucksstark, aber klischeelos rüberzubringen. Auf der 10" sind Songs aus den Jahren 1983 bis 2008. Eine aus den 80er, einige aus den 90ern und einige aus den 00ern. Das Cover finde ich persönlich etwas schwach und blass. An der Mucke gibt´s wenig auszusetzen. Die 10" ist limitiert auf 500 Stück.
TERROR BIRD "Secret rituals" 35zł / 9,00 EUR / $12
(Adagio 830)  This is the 2nd full length by terror bird from vancouver, Canada. The records contains also Terror Bird?s ?She Kissed Me (and I Fell Ill)? originally which appeared on sold out Waiting For Nothing 7" inch that was released by London?s Verulamium Records roughly a year ago, only a couple of weeks after Night-People & adagio830 released the Vancouver outfit?s debut full-length Human Culture. Terror Bird?s sophomore record Secret Rituals 9 perfect dark pop songs

CONGENITAL DEATH "From my hands"
16zł / 4,00 EUR / $6
(Ranch)   Five new pummeling female fronted powerviolence tracks by Philadelphia's Congenital Death.
KURRAKA "Hermanas de la oscuridad" 20zł / 5,00 EUR / $7

(Todo Destruido)  After a great demo, KURRAKÄ is back with a debut 7". If you have not heard them yet, KURRAKÄ is an all female, dark, raw punk band from Austin, TX. With influence ranging from obscure European punk to South American HC, Kurraka still manage to keep it fresh and original. On this release you get 2 darker/melodic songs and 2 fast HC/Punk songs. Expect more catchy riffs/vocals and noisey guitars. 3 new songs and 1 off the demo. Viva el ruido!
MARIA-T-TA Y EL EMPUJON BRUTAL"Maria-T-Ta Y El Empujon Brutal" 16zł / 4,00 EUR / $6
(Rock Sub+Sintermores+Huayno Amargo)  itís unbelievable Peruvian lady punk from í80s Lima. A 7"EP was just reissued (like, today). Peruvian raw punk from 1985
PERMANENT RUIN "Hell is real" 15zł / 4,00 EUR / $5
(Adelante)   Debut EP from PERMANENT RUIN, the Bay Area?s greatest musical treasure. They are hands down the most consistent, talented, INTENSE, mind-warping, thundering, and crushing band that has graced my presence (often) over the last year. The songs on this 7? are a prime example of how PERM RU can command?and truly own?blast beats, slow stomps, and mid-paced forward pushes without losing one bit of power, pressure, or presence. Get into it, or lose. Fast female fronted HC Punk with members of CONDENADA, NO MISTAKE etc.
REPLICA "Demo" 20zł / 5,00 EUR / $7   ltd clear vinyl
REPLICA "Demo" (18zł / 4,50 EUR / $6)  white vinyl
THE SNOT ROCKETTES "Prom night massacre" 20zł / 5,00 EUR / $7

(Todo Destruido)  This is the 2nd single by Seattle's all female poppunk group, The SnotRockettes. One new song of pure power-pop/doo wop punk rocknroll and a cover by Dion and the Belmonts done in a way, only they could pull off. The SnotRockettes still carry the dirty rocknroll sound Seattle has produced, not unlike bands like The Briefs. Ex/Current-Members of The Cute Lepers, The Pop-Machine, The Shy Ones, etc...Limited to 500 copies w/purple dust sleeve.
THEE BOMB'O'NYRICS "Into the wood" 15zł / 4,00 EUR / $5
(The Bomb'O'Nyrics) Catchy and melodic all-girl garage punk from Italy.
NO MISTAKE  "Connect the dots... complete the puzzle" 20zł / 5,00 EUR / $7

(Refuse) If you like Negative Approach, SSD, Straight Ahead, Youth of Today, and all that - here you go. "Hard, fast, brutal" (Sparkplug) 9 songs, about 10 minutes of music. Features ex-GO! (Mike Bullshit), Permanent Ruin, In Disgust, and singer used to be a Slapshot roadie, for what that's worth. From Sparkplug mag: ?Once upon a time hardcore had no metal influence. It was as poppy as homicide. Great dinosaurs roamed the earth with names like SSD, YDI, Jerry's Kids, Negative Approach, and so on. You could honestly feel the bands were actually straining themselves terribly if the song made it to TWO WHOLE MINUTES?!?!?!?! This sounds EXACTLY like that. You aren?t going to make guitar poses, fall in love, dance in a quirky cute manner. Yer gonna SLAM and yer gonna dig it. Good production, straight ahead attack hard core, just like your mamma used to cook up.? One-time pressing of 775 copies.
POISON PLANET/GOVERNMENT FLU "Government poison" 20zł / 5,00 EUR / $7  
A Polish-American pact signed on this seven inch piece of plastic.While the governments are busy with spreading their poison, you can still find raw and loud disobedience in places like Warsaw or Chicago. This 8-track EP should be effective antidote against apathy, ignorance, helplessness and plain boredom.
SPIKNYKTER "Spiknyker" 18zł / 4,50 EUR / $6  
(Refuse)  Spiknykter is a political vegan straight-edge hardcore band with their sound inspired by classic Swedish acts such as Mob 47 and early Anti Cimex from the 80s or DS-13 from the 90s - expect angry rants and fast tunes. Members of LOSE THE LIFE and INKVISITIONEN are involved here. Their debut EP contains 10 songs with additional 8-page booklet on recycled paper with the lyrics, explanations and "The Spiknykter five points plan to save the scene". Read, listen and get active.


plit     12zł / 3,00 EUR / $4
(Hissyfitmusic)   This is a cool split cassette in the good underground tradition. Body betrayal  is a four piece queercore/punk band from Seattle and Disparate is based in Olympia. both bands plays a music that can be described as crust punk. like any good crust music it's really agressive and raw punk, but there also a well dosed touch of melody and emotion. the two side of the cassette have a sound that feels really live, but not messy (we can hear the good punk basslines and everything), and it fits really well the music of the bands. I'd say that the main difference between the music of the two bands is that Body betrayal is fastest, crust with blastbeats or powerviolence / grind crust whereas Disparate is more D-beat crust.
KURRAKÄ "Demo" 15zł / 4,00 EUR / $5
(Todo Destruido)   KURRAKÄ is an all female, dark, raw punk band from Austin, TX. that features one member of Criaturas. With influence ranging from obscure European punk to South American HC, Kurraka still manage to keep it fresh and original. Even though the music is hardcore and the vocals are ferocious at times, they still maintain a melodic undertone. Catchy riffs, noisey guitars, and urgent, yet melodic vocals is what to be expected.
MARGY PEPPER "Margy Pepper" 15zł / 4,00 EUR / $5
(diy)  All-girl punk band from Olympia, USA

4zl / 1,00 EUR / $1,50
Agua Pura is a zine by Kathleen from Scratch That Itch zine. Kathleen is a paremedic in the North of England who took a month off to work with No More Deaths on the American southern border providing humanitarian aid through food and water drops.

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Emancypunx distro joins Ex Best Friends Fest and tour
sobota, 10 sierpnia 2013 07:59

Ex Best Friends are breaking up. Before we go on a final little tour in September we would like to celebrate the end (and maybe new beginnings) with some of the friends and bands we shared the stage with in those past years. It's all a bit sad but hey, we can still dance.


Agatha (bass, pedals, drums and noise. milano)
Bathtub Theory (indie pop_punk. berlin)
C.B.A. (hip hop storytelling from the heart. helsinki)
Cat'N'Guyen (beats, bass and hiphop_rhymes. berlin)
Ex Best Friends (postpunk with gangvocals. berlin)
Respect My Fist(feminist punk_rock. berlin)
You're Only Massive - Berlin (male-fronted feminist synth duo. berlin_dublin)

plus food, cakes, haircuts, heavymental zine distro and emancypunx distro. bring your friends!
FB event

- smokefree event -

starts 3 p.m.
bei ruth
s-bhf sonnenallee
berlin neukölln

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