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New releases:

ANTI-CORPOS "Forma pratica de luta" 7"EP

BEYOND PINK - new album "Against the universe" LP


We are happy to anounce that finally the record is out!

LANDVERRAAD "No love for a nation"  7"EP

Debut 7" from this band from Amsterdam, Holland incl. former and current members of BETERCORE, GRINDING HALT, HYSTERIA, TYRANNICIDE, SANDCREEK MASSACRE, SLOTH and DAMAGE REPAIR. "No love for a nation" 7" contains six songs of angry and fast HC in the tradition of "Nedertrash" and with a good old "Punk is Resistance" spirit. This bands shows no love for national flags or borders, attacking murderous politics of Fortress Europe but shows their appreciation for equality and peace, funny outfits on stage and playing new version of Project X cover - this time as "Immigrant revenge". Landverraad debut 7"s is a co-release of Emancypunx Records with  Mosh Potatoes Records, Rope Or Guillotine Records, Pure Heart Records, Dzsukhell Records, Drink And Be Merry Records  and AccessxDenied Records.




Friday, 14 June 2013 09:54
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Emancypunx invites to a grrrpunk kick off show:


SLÖA KNIVAR (Malmö, Sweden)

Female fronted HC/Punk with acrobatic stands from Malmö Sweden.

Primo, grade-A thud punk from a buncha Swedes who deliver it up all nice ?n? Reproduction of materials appearing on this Web is strictly prohibited without written permission. overdriven,

with snotty vocals, tons of attitude, and wall of fuzz. Patricia

(drummer of BEYOND PINK) is on vocals.



Old school punk Damenkapelle, DIY and in your face.


6.07.13 BERLIN,

Kastanienkeller Kastanienallee 85, doors: 21.00

Beyond Pink in Berlin!
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 12:43

Beyond Pink is  playing at 18th may in Berlin

at the free streetfest


Friday, 12 April 2013 12:25
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Emancypunx Rds & Kastanienkeller laden ein zur

"No Borders, No Nations"  Soliveranstaltung für

Assembly of immigrants and solidarians of ASOEE


Einlass ab 20:30

21:00 Film ?Wenn die Straße ruft!? (Sprache Deutsch, keine Untertitel)
Film über Jenische - ?Travellers? in deutschprachigen Gebieten.

Ab 22:00 Konzert mit:

Passportburning, feminist Nedertrash

Abriss Crust/Scandi-HC-Punk.

25.05. BERLIN, Kastanienkeller
Kastanienallee 85

Der Konzertraum ist nicht Barrierefrei (Treppe)

Assembly of immigrants and solidarians of ASOEE

FB event:

Beyond Pink has a new website
Monday, 04 March 2013 17:48

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