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wtorek, 03 stycznia 2012 15:26

Plastic Bomb

BEYOND PINK "Pride and prejudice" LP
Kraftvoller Hardcore der schwedischen Band. Schnell, hart, wuchtig und mit Melodien. Der weibliche Gesang ist wie immer grossartig. Doe Texte sind zum Teil in Schwedish und zum Teil in English. Sie lesen sich wieder sehr persönlich. BEYOND PINK sprechen uber ihre bunten Outfits und dem Kampf gegen Stereotypen im Punk. Es geht um den Tod, den man als Kids nur aus der Ferne betrachtet und der mit dem Alter plötzlich nah vor einem steht. Generell geht hier vieles um die Komplexität des Lebens, um Chaos in der Gefühlswelt, und es werden in gewohnter Weise Arschtritte verteilt, z.B. gegen Typen, die ihre Hunde mit zu Konzerten nehmen. Auf dem Textblatt sind viele coole Bandfotos, einige sogar von PLASTIC BOMB Schreiber Andi geschossen! Ich glaub das war beim Konzert im AZ Köln. Super lustig ist auch das Foto, auf dem alle 5 Frauen als Bräute verkleidet sind. Siekt echt cool aus. Das Coverartwork.... nun ja... Geschmacksverwirrung ole. Ein Schmunzeln kann ich mir nicht verkneifen. BEYOND PINK machen immer noch ihr ganz eigenes Ding. "Pride and prejudice" besitzt dieselbe Klasse wie der Vorganger "The new black". 10x exzellenter Hardcore / Punk. Mein Favorit ist eindeutig "Hit men inte langre". Fantastischer Song!
(Micha, "Plastic Bomb" #80, Germany)



This is the latest release from Sweden's all female straight edge group BEYOND PINK. Like INFECT they are all girls and they all rock the edge. Unlike INFECT they don't play a straight forward bandana thrash style. BEYOND PINK go for a more retro hardcore sound that way. They take a DYS meets CRO-MAGS and mix it with other elements of hardcore. It's funny to say that because they have a song called "Let's Go Backwards" 2hich seems to be making fun of the retro-fascination within punk. And BEYOND PINK don't have a retro sound by any stretch of the imagination, I just think they filter in a lot of hardcore styles which makes the sound not so easy to peg. Even more confusing is the colourful way the band dresses. Sometimes you can tell something about the band by the shirts they wear. BEYOND PINK are dressed with some brought colours that invoke new wave and remind me of that embrace that ZOE esposed from the BAYONETTES. It works well with the title of the record. The absence of colour with black is a punk statement and so are bright colours in terms of punk's history. But the title "The New Black" is more a tongue in cheek barb at fashion within punk. We all know punk is more than fashion. BEYOND PINK rock hardcore with the ringing guitar parts that draw from FUCKED UP's sound. The difference is that BEYOND PINK have the balls to embrace their straight edge roots. An dthe song called "150 Spann for Ingenting" is a song I can relate to. It is a song about universal health care models that are hybrids like ours and Sweden's. They aren't perfect and need help, but it is also better than nothing even though at times it feels like nothing. I relate. As I do with songs like "30 Zingo". I'm not a fan of sodas. But if anything BEYOND PINK is a multi-dimensional hardcore band and I think that speaks volumes in everything about this release.
(Stephen Perry, "EqualizingXDistort" vol. 11, issue 2, Canada)

The New Current:

Imagine five angry, hateful, frustrated girls, screaming their lungs out. Premenstrual syndrome? Maybe. But it?s never sounded so good before.

Even though this five-piece from Sweden released their album a while ago, I came across it fairly recently. I beat myself everyday for not getting it earlier, because these hardcore-punk girls definitely know how to deliver their fuming message. When putting a new hardcore album into your vintage cd-player (or playing it on your Ipod, if you?re a little bit more new-school), do you also expect one of those atmospheric, one minute intros, which would smoothly ease you into the heavy sounds which are about to come? Forget about it. This is The New Black. Girls start off with a punch-in-the-face of a riff, which immediately throws you back into the 80s, and makes you feel like you?re witnessing a live performance by Minor Threat supported by Conflict and Discharge, while having your teeth kicked out in a mosh pit. This (surely) speed-induced punk intensity is maintained throughout the whole of the 25 minutes of infuriated vocals, incensed guitars, and high-speed drumming. Beyond Pink have mostly Swedish lyrics, but the few English ones that can be found on the album give a good taste of the style exercised by the girls. In ?In Our Hearts We?re Puking? they scream: You disgust us/ You make us sick?We sure don?t hate you enough! In other words, visceral punk poetry in its purest form. As a whole, Beyond Pink?s album is definitely a high-quality noise at its best. It?s got everything that a punk soul needs: it?s fast, it?s heavy, it?s angry. Plus, it has great melodies (the middle bit of Rhythm Is A Hamster- fuck yeah!) and the sexiest female vocals. In an anti-sexist way of course. The New Black is available on EmancyPunx Records.

(Jakub Kowalewski,, UK) 



I?ve been wanting to get this album for a few months now. But like a lot of people, money has been tight. I have one of their previous releases somewhere but never got around giving it a listen. Super stoked when I saw it at HQ in my box for review, and even more enthused when it hit my turntable. This five-piece, all-female band from Sweden gives me the same excitement that I had when I first heard the Polish band Eye For An Eye. It?s infectious hardcore with melodic undertones that is every bit as powerful or more so than other bands in the same genre. The vocals are delivered with fierce compassion that slices through the music. I really like that the production is top notch here. You can hear each instrument with clarity and it gives the band the power to keep my attention. From start to finish, this record has no filler. Now this gives me incentive to organize my music room so I can find their previous release.

(Donofthedead, "Razorcake", USA)


A Parasites Life:

What should I write about the 5 girls out of Malmö? I fucking love them. Beyond Pink is one of the reasons for this fanzine. It all started out with this band, their first gig in Flensburg and the interview I made with Clara. Their first single was very rough and snotty, more in the vein of Bikini Kill, even if they don't wanna hear it... The first longplayer is really great. One of my favorite songs is on it ?Walking Bajamaja? and it's so filled with power, anger and hatred. I got totally addicted to it. After this album they released a five song single, I don't like that much. So I was very excited when I got their new record and fucking hell: These 10 songs are the best, they ever made. Everyone says it, so it must be true. Three times I had the pleasure to see them live and I would do it again and again, every time I can. Powerfull and ass kicking punkrock about the Swedish health system, jogging problems and soda... sounds strange, but that's the way it is. LP comes in colored vinyl (I got a yellow one) and lyrics sheet. They sing in Swedish and English and the Swedish ones have English linernotes. All about a perfect solution. Absolute recommendation! 10 songs released by Emancy Punx Records. 10/10 points

(Bäppi, "A Parasites Life", Germany)