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La Moustache 5th Anniversary!
piątek, 31 sierpnia 2012 17:37

Lets celebrate the birthday of our amazing friends!

La Moustache is one of the most active concert groups in Berlin

organizing since 5 years tons of shows with feminist and queer

postpunk or indie rock...and one of the groups members - Dana

is a great artist as well. Check her art here.


La Moustache turned 5 this year and we want to celebrate this with you!

We are really excited about the line-up and can't wait!

Come along and share the event!


14.09. BEI ROY

Bathtub Theory
Los Cripis


Verity Susman
The Shondes




Doors open 9pm, show starts at 10pm.


Tickets for Festsaal available at Koka36 for 10 Euro plus fee.



Raised in the Russian hood of Toronto, the daughter of a Kirov ballerina and an engineer from Leningrad grew up listening to her parents? collection of Soviet and 70?s European records. Her second album Show Me The Face (2010), indulged towards classical European balladry, making clear the foundations of her style. Decadent, dramatic and earnest, melodies remain simple but precise, vintage keyboards and synth strings offer the solitary
rendition of a grand experience, and the voice always upfront delivers motifs familiar yet impossible to pinpoint from the great soup of European chanson. A genre based partly on elements of melody and style, but moreso, a signature fatalist-celebratory approach to songwriting. Chinawoman has drawn comparisons to Nico, Leonard Cohen and Marc Almond, Soviet era singing stars such as early Alla Pugacheva, with a voice akin to Tanita Tikaram.

After a decade as lead singer of experimental rock band Electrelane, Verity Susman's solo project probes new territory. Using music, visuals and text, her live shows create a world of psychedelic alienation, embracing the subversive possibilities of awkwardness. Often appearing in drag, her saxophone becomes an organ of musical and gender performance, confronting audiences with a queer female masculinity that is at once serious, humorous, angry and uncomfortable. At times ironic, often passionate and full of joyous heartbreak, Verity takes the audience into a collage of exploratory soundscapes, woven through surreal reconstructions of lesbian pulp romance novels and sci-fi slash fiction tales.

"The Shondes make bold, brassy lonely-heart rock with the snarl and swoon of classic '90s Northwestern indie--all riot grrl bluster, K Records sentimentality, and a keening, wailing violin that's more Nirvana Unplugged than Raincoats unhinged... Separating themselves from Sleater-come-latelys, The Shondes have a little bit of steampunky clatter underneath their crunching riffs and a keen ear towards the Jewish music that raised each of its four members." (The Village Voice)


KARO (solo)
A band that is honest. Songs that are real. Musicians that haven't been spoilt by taking lessons. Kindness and a laugh. A voice that pierces the heart and cuts through the dark. Also, probably, some kind of catharsis washing you clean of all the hurt. At least some of it, for a while. If you're looking for someone who understands everything you say, think, and feel, search no more... Welcome home, friend.

Grrrrlz for Indie Pop Rock



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