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czwartek, 24 stycznia 2013 14:28

Scream Club

After the movie "Noise and Resistance" Julia Ostertag comes with a new one called "And You Belong ", which is documentary about the now Berlin based queer hip-hop-pop duo SCREAM CLUB.

Watch the trailer here: 




At the 14th of February in Berlin: First public screening of Julia Ostertag´s brandnew film...takes you on a visual rocketride through the queer music

underground... ! Join us for the party at Loophole after with DJs Sarah Adorable, Nuclear Family, Walter Crasshole


In " And You Belong ", acclaimed director of Gender X, Saila and Noise & Resistance Julia Ostertag delivers a visual and musical rocket ride through the queer music underground telling the story of two girl electro hip hop act Scream Club and their international network of friends. While Scream Club´s music has been the soundtrack for a decade of underground fun, friendship and activism, Julia Ostertag created a fascinating document on a new queer self-esteem through original footage, archival footage, music videos
and photographs.

" And You Belong " (co-produced by Jürgen Brüning) portrays a funny, tender and exciting personal portrait of queer women that paved an astonishing path for other queer people of this generation. The scene that has been affected and inspired by Scream Club is evident in the supporting protagonists including Mz Sunday Luv, Nuclear Family, BadKat, DJ Metzgerei, Heidi Mortenson, Nicky Click and Joey Casio.



Der neue Film von Julia Ostertag (Gender X, Saila und Noise & Resistance) ist ein künstlerisch-dokumentarisches Portrait des HipHop Electro Duos SCREAM CLUB und ein farbenfrohes Zeitdokument aktueller Strömungen in der queeren Musik-Szene.
Über vier Jahre gedreht, ist der Film nicht nur die Geschichte zweier charismatischer Frauen und ihrer Freundschaft, er zeigt ein kreatives Umfeld in Berlin, wo nach wie vor Kultur ohne Kommerz möglich ist, und reflektiert dabei Gender Roles und individuelle Kreativität jenseits des Mainstreams.

Screamclub's Musik ist der Soundtrack einer queeren Dekade, der andere inspiriert und zur Zusammenarbeit angeregt hat: Weitere Protagonisten sind BadKat, Nuclear Family,  Mz Sunday Luv, DJ Metzgerei, Heidi Mortenson, Nicky Click und Joey Casio.


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