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sobota, 27 lipca 2013 09:14
photo by Corey Kittrell

    Emancypunx release

#029 REPLICA "Demo"  7"EP

The appearance of REPLICA shook the local HC scene in the Bay Area. The band consists of previous members of such acts as INFECT, SCHOLASTIC DETH, NO STATIK, MURDER SUICIDE PACT, XJUD JUDX, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY or  DUCK AND COVER. Their debut demo was received with great enthusiasm and sold out in a blink of an eye. The same story goes for the limited 7" flexi ep rerelease of the demo  on Radical Punks Never Die Records. Both are impossible to find. It would be such a loss if this killer demo never had a chance for wider release and accessibility so here it is! The re-release of the demo on vinyl with an additionacoverreplicademol unreleased song: a cover of  the legendary all-girl band from Brazil, AS MERCENARIAS. This is 6-song EP of fast, pissed off, female-fronted, raging HC?all happening in less than 7 minutes.  After this release, their new 7" was released on Prank Records.


Track list:


Side A:      
1. Sycophant    
2.You can't stop the weather  
3.Becky's rite    
4.Last judgement  
5.Sandy bottoms    
Side B:
1.Inimigo     (AS MERCENARIES cover)


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