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wtorek, 10 grudnia 2013 21:32



KENNY KENNY OH OH "Kenny Kenny Oh Oh" 7"EP

Debut 7" from this all-girl bandfrom Leipzig, Germany.
After plenty of shows (many of them with theirfriends from Berlin
 - LEVITATIONS) this piece of vinyl is coming out.
Four tracks of raw and catchy punkrock, sounds
like more crude andpissed off style of BOMBETTES
or less fast WHITE LUNG comes to mind. This is a
co-release between EmancypunxRecords and
Contraszt Records (Germany).




Track list:

Side A:

1.Add 60 seconds (to the Bechdel test)

2.The beauty of absenteeism

Side B:

3.Time trap


Pressing info:

32 copies test press (not for sale)

524 copies czarny winyl (4,00 EUR +shipping)


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